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Please use this carrd to help educate yourself on harmful Native American mascots and fight against them.

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Last updated 12 Oct 2020, 19:47 EST.

Based in Massachusetts.


For international signers, here are zip codes you can use:
02115 - Boston, Massachusetts
75001 - Dallas, Texas
90015 - Los Angeles, California
10001 - New York City, New York

Do NOT donate to change.org!

The change.org donations go towards the site NOT the petitions! Instead, donate to the organizations listed under the DONATE tab.


Here are some Facebook groups you can join to get more information on Native American mascots.

Change the School Mascots

Change the School Mascots

Please take the time to sign these petitions to change their Native American mascots!

Other Petitions

Please take the time to sign these few petitions!


Use these resources to educate yourself on why Native American mascots are harmful and stand for indigenous rights.

Indigenous Rights

Resources to read on indigenous rights and their fights.

Mascot Controversy

Resources to read on harmful Native American mascots.

Massachusetts Tribe Websites

Visit these websites for information on their culture!